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“Steve Harvey: Men Have Female ‘Friends’ Only Because There’s No Chance of a Romantic Relationship — Yet”

February 18, 2017


A Bisexual’s Confession With Closure

The jealousy demon reared it’s ugly head more than once, she should have ended their conversations after the first time, but wanted to believe in their friendship and he persisted because of emotional issues steming from a traumatic separation incident during his formative years; involving sudden-permanent loss of contact with his first percieved love of a girl. It wasn’t an incredible friendship, he was just holding on hoping she would eventually leave her husband; because he deprived her of her sexual rights in marriage with his alcoholism and constant verbal abuse when drunk. He didn’t want her to be lady like, he wanted her to be naughty with him exclusively not online, but in person. He felt guilty about being online with her, because if he were her husband; he wouldn’t want her online with another man for any reason…bisexuals are extremely jealous of females they love! – anonymous