“Without Him, We Can Do Nothing!” Oct. 24, 2017

“Without Him, We Can Do Nothing!” < Click here to listen!

“Jesus’ parable of the vine yields incredible insight into the nature of our relationship with him.”

Keynote Scripture: John 15


“Being driven by fear is part of what it means to be human – beginning to live free from fear is a miraculous gift of God, and can only come from his perfect love.”

Keynote Scripture: 1 John 4:18
“God’s Grace Is For Everyone” < Click here to listen!
“Since Jesus invites us to the kingdom of heaven in spite of what we have done, rather than what we have done, does that mean there are no limits to God’s grace?”
Keynote Scripture: Acts 10, Titus 2
Note: Grace saves, but requires transformation by God! Romans 6 and other New Testament scriptures! Apauper2 eynote Scripture:



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    https://www.ptm.org/ is the source ministry for Leez Blog reposts, thanks for viewing!!! Apauper2


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