“Who Is My Neighbor?” September 22, 2017

“Who Is My Neighbor?” < Click here to listen!

“As he answered this question posed by a religious professional, was Jesus telling us what to do, or did his answer go to a reality far deeper than merely helping our fellow humans in need?”

Keynote Scripture: Luke 10

“Can You Handle The Truth?” < Click here to listen!

“It’s more than simply a line from the movie “A Few Good Men” with Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise. How hard is it to embrace and receive the Truth?”

John 8 & 14

“Grace at the Crossroads” < Click here to listen!

“Greg teaches from Matthew 7:13-14, taking issue with the popular idea of the precise identity of those who journey on the broad road, and, on the other hand, who is traveling on the narrow road.”
Keynote Scripture: Matthew 13-14


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One Response to ““Who Is My Neighbor?” September 22, 2017”

  1. apauper2 Says:

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