“Everyone is Welcome” July 24, 2017

“Everyone is Welcome” < Click here to listen!

“What would you think of a king who invites anyone and everyone to his son’s wedding? Join us as Greg says, “It doesn’t matter which one of the many ‘one and only true churches’ you join, flashing your membership card at the door of the wedding banquet will only get you thrown out!””

Keynote Scripture: Matthew 22



“The Trap of Misplaced Trust” < Click here to listen!

“Counterfeit, knock-off watches look like the real thing, but when people buy them, the fake gold plating fades, internal mechanisms break, and soon the watch stops completely. Has someone sold you a counterfeit relationship with God?”
Keynote Scripture: Isaiah 30


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  1. apauper2 Says:

    Refer to https://www.ptm.org/ for the original posts!


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