“You and Me and Zacchaeus” July 20, 2017

“You and Me and Zacchaeus” < Click here to listen!

“If Hollywood made a movie about Zacchaeus, Danny DeVito might be asked to play the role of this short man who made a ton of money. The plot? Jesus loved Zacchaeus even though no one else seemed to.”

Keynote Scripture: Luke 19


“Where God Lives” < Click here to listen!

“We can never say it too often or too dogmatically: all that we are and all that we will ever be is a product of God’s grace!”

Ephesians 2


“We’ve Always Done It This Way” < Click here to listen!

“Join us as we give thanks that God doesn’t play by religious rules. That’s why the kingdom of God is such incredibly great news!”
Keynote Scripture: Acts 10


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One Response to ““You and Me and Zacchaeus” July 20, 2017”

  1. apauper2 Says:

    https://www.ptm.org/ is the source ministry for the Leez Blog reposts!

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