“What Are We Waiting For?” June 02, 2017

“Comedian Bob Newhart used to say, preparing his audience for his spoof of some event or practice, “it might have gone something like this.” Join Greg as he reconstructs what early Christians might have been thinking 15 years after the first Pentecost.”
Acts 1
Keynote Scripture:
“Let the birthday of the church, the body of Christ, refresh you with a breath of fresh air from the Lord. Experience how God can clear the air. Let this be a time of renovation and renewal.”
Acts 2 & 3
Keynote Scripture:


“The Power and the Glory” < Click here to listen!

“Pentecost is the key to mature Christian life lived by the Spirit. It’s at Pentecost that the disciples are given the power and the ability to give the real meaning of the resurrection of the Lord. In the power of the spirit we can truly be effective Christians.”
Keynote Scripture: Acts 2

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One Response to ““What Are We Waiting For?” June 02, 2017”

  1. apauper2 Says:

    Referring you to http://www.ptm.org/ the source ministry of these reposts!!!

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