“Renewal for the Weary” May 26, 2017

“The Bible tells us God not only created the universe, he manages and maintains it with what we would describe as effortless ease. But many of us find ourselves perpetually tired. We are reminded we can exchange our weakness for God’s eternal strength.”
Isaiah 40
Keynote Scripture:


“Reforming Grace” < Click here to listen!
“Reforming Grace”
“In order to be a Christian Martin Luther had to leave his church. It still happens today! Religion demands that you embrace its pills and potions, effectively driving many away from intimacy with God. Even though religious legalism is having its way with hundreds of millions, the good news is that grace will eventually put religion and all of its devices out of business.”
Keynote Scripture: Isaiah 57, Matthew 23, Acts 7
“Forgiven of Things You Can’t Forget” < Click here to listen!
“Forgiven of Things You Can’t Forget”
“The woman on the phone couldn’t forgive herself of a secret — something she had done many decades before — she was sure God would never forgive her. Today we ask God to join us in our secret places, where skeletons of our past hound us.”
Keynote Scripture: Psalm 25

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